Dr. Aanchal is a Webster Certified Chiropractor in DFW

We Are Tula:

Holistic Prenatal & Postpartum Healthcare Specialists

How We Became TULA

As a provider, we have served individuals and families and watched their lives transform; Getting out of pain is one thing, but finding your true potential of a healed and functioning body is truly inspiring.

Over the years, Dr. Aanchal noted that there weren't enough holistic healthcare approaches toward women's health; At least the information wasn't easily accessible! Dr. Aanchal has spent countless hours gaining the skills and knowledge needed to serve her female population and become THE specialized chiropractor to provide the best care for prenatal and postpartum mamas!

Whether you are wanting to help your child reach their full potential, looking for quality chiropractic care during your preconception, prenatal, or postpartum phase of life, seeking to get out of pain, or are simply looking to optimize your health Tula Chiropractic & Wellness can help!

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Baby adjustments at Tula

What Makes Dr. Aanchal a Prenatal & Postpartum Specialist?

Dr. Aanchal has training & experience treating patients with the following techniques:

Webster Certified

Gaia Health Academy Postpartum Training

Premier Pregnancy Practice Training

The Pediatric Experience




Cranio-Sacral Technique (CST)

Sacrooccipital (SOT)

Active Release Technique (ART)

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Method (IASTM)

Kinesiology Taping

Dr. Aanchal prenatal chiropractor

Dr. Aanchal

Dr. Aanchal is a Webster-certified chiropractor with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in perinatal and postpartum care. As a dedicated healthcare professional, she is also a certified provider in spinal energetics, adding a unique dimension to her approach.

With a passion for supporting moms through every stage of pregnancy and postpartum, Dr. Aanchal is committed to ensuring that each mother experiences the best possible journey into motherhood. Her advanced training in perinatal care equips her with the skills to provide specialized and compassionate support for women during this transformative time.

Not only does Dr. Aanchal focus on maternal well-being, but she is also dedicated to the thriving health of children from the very beginning of life.

Dr. Aanchal's approach combines Webster certification, advanced perinatal and postpartum expertise, and spinal energetics to create a comprehensive and supportive environment for families, making her an invaluable resource for those seeking holistic and personalized healthcare.

Please note: Dr. Aanchal is on maternity leave to have her little one this summer! 

Dr. M

Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle is passionate about helping you feel your best. Specializing in a variety of services for the entire family, she goes beyond traditional healthcare to provide functional mobility sessions that promote overall health and vitality.

With a warm and caring approach, Dr. Michelle takes pride in spending quality time with her patients, ensuring that each individual receives personalized attention and care. Her commitment extends to serving every member of the family, creating a welcoming and inclusive healthcare environment.

Whether it's through therapeutic interventions or promoting functional mobility, Dr. Michelle is dedicated to helping you and your family thrive.

jessica zuniga

Dr. Jessica

Dr. Jessica is a chiropractor who is certified in Webster technique to help reach families of all ages but especially pregnant women and children.

Dr. Jessica is continuing her education in perinatal and pediatric care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Her desire to help people heal naturally from within all started when she was once a chiropractic patient as a teenager. Her background in Strength and Human Performance and Stretching adds a twist to her care in order to promote optimal movement and health.